Vancouver Island – Destination to Welcome the Summers

Earth is becoming warmer day by day. Sunny days, sweating, need for bath twice a day; these are just the beginnings of summers. Let’s not allow summers to make this season worst for us. In order to get away from the warm climate; leave the office and go to a cooler place. Yes, that is what we all want that someone should say “Here are a million dollars, go and relax, come back to work when you want to”. However, that is not the reality. We have to schedule our work and take some time out for ourselves.

If you are residing in the United States of America, of course, you will be traveling within the USA because it is one of the largest continents. How about this time you visit North America? Where exactly? Vancouver Island, of course. It has many visitors in summers. The island is a big place to entertain every type of individuals. The island has the evergreen forest, wildlife, and watersports too. So, if you are not a big fan of nature, but you want to do some adventure, then you can always go for snorkeling, sea-diving, and paragliding.

Vancouver Island is discovered in the southwest of British Columbia. It is a little far away from the main British Columbia. The ranges of Vancouver Island have a combination of wet and rocky areas on the west coast and more dry area on the east coast. The peak range is known as Golden Hinde. The center of the Vancouver Island is Strathcona Provincial Park, the amalgamation of glacier alps.

The island has several rivers flowing in. The known rivers that are flowing in Vancouver Island are Somass River, the Englishman River, and Cowichan River. They flow from different directions of the region.

If you are not interested in wildlife or watersports, then fishing is one activity that you can do on the island. It is one of the interesting activities that you don’t find more often. There are commercial fishing boats too that are operated on the island’s port and docks. The most common fish produced in the fish farms is Pacific Salmon.

Recently, the British Columbia government has advertised Vancouver Island and places around the island, like Tofino and Ucluelet to let people know about activities; scuba diving, fishing, whale-watching, surfing, and skiing. Tofino is one of the popular villages on the island. The reason for its popularity is fishing and Pacific Rim National Park. It is in the north of Ucluelet which is yet another ancient settlement on the West Coast. It is also popular amongst the tourists but it gives a feeling of the remote area which is small in actual. Like Tofino. it has; restaurants, shops, souvenir stores and few resorts that have scenic views of the ocean.

There are gardens to have a look at them for the people who love flowers and gardening. One of them is Butchart Gardens. It is the most famous garden in the Vancouver Island that is situated outside of Victoria. There are several pathways with trees alongside. It is one of the relaxing opportunities. The garden changes its look according to the season because everything there grows natural and seasonally.

Vancouver Island has too much to explore! Why not go there and see what other activities can be done and how the region is divided into several interesting places.

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