Top Five Australian Summer Destinations

Australia is one of the biggest continents where people would like to stay forever. The weather of Australia is different from the places in Northern Hemisphere. The summers of Australia begin in December, whereas the autumn comes in May and June brings the winter. However, despite the weather conditions, there are few places that can be visited in the autumn of Australia and summers in other places. To beat the heat, there are top five Australia summer destinations that you can go and enjoy summers.

  • Noosa, Queensland

Noosa is a city located in Queensland. It is one of the destinations for fashion divas. The place is occupied with several designer boutiques and high class restaurants alongside the beach. If you are looking for summer wardrobe, Cocoanut Noosa is one place where you will be drooling while looking at the summer wardrobe. While walking on the Hastings St, you shouldn’t miss to dine in Thomas Corner Eatery – the magical experience of dine in. The celestial restaurant is situated at the riverside.

If you are planning to stay overnight, then Fairshore Noosa should be the wise choice. For the models of fashion, it is a great place to relax with the heavenly beachfront where they can act like film stars from Hollywood. The majestic Noosa is also known for his renowned quality in wines and ecstatic landscapes with fascinations of the ancient. With the historical attractions and exuberant landscapes, the place is also known for best whale watching. So if you really want to see a whale show, Noosa beaches should be your first choice.

  • Port Stephens, North South Wales

Australia being the largest continent has several beaches in its cities. The North South Wales (NSW) is also full of beaches. In fact, Port Stephens in NSW is an environmental dock. It is one of the famous destinations amongst the visitors, especially who travel in a caravan like family. The place is known for its water sports and activities including, swimming, fishing, boating and whale and dolphin watching. The place seems to be safe and sound especially if you are travelling with family.

To make it more like a comfortable place for you, the Inner Light Tearooms is available with exquisite view of Shoal Bay. It is the best choice you to dine in where, having jam and cream, just like you eat at home. To refresh your mind and laze around, you can book your room at Bali at the Bay. The place also offers scrumptious seafood with unique type of architecture, walking trails and lovely view on the seaside.

  • Royal Botanic Gardens

Yarra River has won many visitor’s heart that lies in the east of Victoria, Australia. In the past times, the river was a place for get together for most of the Australians. One of the latest attractions near Yarra River is Royal Botanic Gardens. The botanic garden is yet another reason that inflates tourism in Australia. It is an interesting fact for gardeners that Royal Botanic Gardens has more than 50,000 plants with exceptional kinds. The summers become awesome when the open air is turned into a live theatre with starry night, magical garden at the riverside.

  • Fraser Island

The Fraser Island is considered to be one of the largest sand islands in Australia. The island is found in the north of Brisbane, Queensland. Hence, it is the biggest island in Queensland, Australia. Fraser Island is not like usual islands, in fact it has rainforests, mangrove trees, sand dunes, eucalyptus wood, ecosystems with wetlands and seaside hills. The island is a great combination of nature and commercial activities. It has exuberant beaches with marine life experience. The environment is just so relaxing and calm that you would never want to go anywhere else.

Fraser Island is the best destination chosen by the people who like water and some sunshine with aquatic activities. In the summers, the place is full of visitors and most of them are seen doing water skiing, swimming, surfing and other types of water sports. The beauty of Fraser Island expands when the visitors find different kinds of animals, such as amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. Though, sand dune places are not well equipped for the plants but at the Fraser Island, the plants are naturally grown with the help of sand fungi. It is an interesting island for people who want to experience the nature all by themselves.

  • Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is situated on the south coast of New South Wales (NSW). The bay is known for its whitest sand beach with interesting trails for the walk. A visitor can have a spectacular view of marine life at Jervis Bay while watching dolphins doing their acts. The way to Jervis Bay is even more interesting with the gravelly coastline and greenery of the park. The bay is more outclass when the visitors learn about its water sports activities.

The adventurous people would really love to see the dolphins dancing in the water and making cute acts. Have you ever thought to dive in to get a closer look at dolphins? That would come to your amazement that Jervis Bay allows you to jump in the water and look at those intelligent and playful species closely. The water of the bay is clean, so you don’t have to worry about it. It is the best family spot to enjoy their summer holidays because it provides safe accommodations at nearby hotels.

All of these places are the best destinations for summers. All you need is a budget and time allocation for all those activities. Once you are done with planning your budget and activities, it will be easier for you to move with kids.

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