Top Five African Summer Destinations

Africa is the continent known for wildlife. It is one of the largest continents that has its visitors from China, Canada, Poland, and Tanzania. The local tourists of Africa mostly come from South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Benin, and Mauritius. Africa is full of interesting wildlife, but it also has tropical beaches in some parts. To make your summer holidays fun, you can explore top five Africa summer destinations.

  • Botswana

Have you ever heard a lion roar in real? Do you think that all those lions roaring in the films and the logo of MGM do not exist? Well, if you think that way, let me tell you that it is possible in each corner of Africa. The country of wilderness is Botswana. People in Botswana are amazed to see the safari life and they enjoy camping in the forest whilst listening to the voices of animals around them. If you are a wildlife photographer, you must take your cameras and zoom lenses to experience the wildlife photography.

  • Kenya

If you already have been to Botswana for wildlife, then this summer plan for Kenya. It is yet another country in the East Africa which is surrounded by the wildlife. But if you are done with wildlife experience, Kenya also offers islands, greenery and much more to nature. It is the perfect place for the family visit where you have a variety of activities to do. The place is ideal for people who want to enjoy and relax on the serene island of Lamu. The place has yoga resorts where you can actually do meditation and become closer to nature.

  • Lesotho

Lesotho is the country of mountains that is ornamented with nature. It is an ideal place for the honeymoon couples and friends who are the lovers of the mother nature. Lesotho has several recreational parks that are full of faunas and floras. The unique bird, rhebok is also found there.

  • Reunion Island

Have you ever visited paradise on Earth? If no, then you really need to visit Reunion Island. It is one of the heavenly-looking islands in Africa. The place has a lot to offer like sight-seeing, water sports, and hiking. The beaches of the island give you an effect of peacefulness and calmness. At the Island, you experience several festivities and culture of other places like China, France, and India.

  • Rwanda

As we have learned so far Africa being one of the places to see wildlife, it has mountains too. The country Rwanda is located in the East of Africa that belongs to the magnificent mountains and beautiful landscapes. Therefore, it is also called “land of a thousand hills“. The place is a good treat for the wildlife lovers. Interestingly, there is a national park called Volcanoes National Park. The inhabitants of that park are mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Other than wildlife views, the place has shore called Lake Kivu where visitors can do fishing, kayaking, and boating.

Rwanda produces the best export quality tea and coffee. The place looks magical with the tea plants are hovered by blue skies and golden rays of sun on the mountain peaks.

Believe it or not, Africa is your holiday destination for this summer!

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