Top Five China Summer Destinations

In the fast-growing world, people are actually racing each other to achieve success. During that race, they lose their sanity to the extent where they choose money over the peace of mind. There comes a moment in one’s life where you just want to go away from this technological world and rest in some place with nature. For relaxation, we must thank our bosses that they know we need break from work and go to places. China is one of the largest developed countries. That does not mean that Chinese are working all day and night. They believe in taking 30 minutes’ nap at work for an optimum productivity.

How about you go to China this summers and see what type of country it is? For you, we have listed top five China summers destinations that you will really enjoy.

  • Silk Road

In the older times, the Silk Road used to be a vital route for trade. While going on your way on the Silk Road, it is fascinating to see the Chinese heritage places and breathtaking landscapes. The consequential and exciting route of Silk Road lets you know about Buddhists history written on those walls.

  • Yangtze River

Rivers and lakes always remind us of serenity. Cruising is fun too, especially in the river. You get to see the extensive water tank and waves coming through makes you alive. Yangtze River Cruise is exciting. You cannot imagine that how relaxing the environment gets when you are traveling in Yangtze River Cruise. It seems that you have achieved something larger than life and considering the cruise, it is a lifetime experience. Not everyone is lucky to cruise in the river.

  • Mountain Emei

China is one of the countries with pleasant summers and beautiful landscapes. There are several mountains in China; one of them is Mountain Emei. The mountain is famous for its old trees, scenic waterfalls, natural rivers and Buddhist temples with their interesting stories. The temperature at the mountain varies from the foothill to the top.

  • Guiyang

The city of coolness in China is Guiyang. Even at night, the tourists would need a thin blanket to make themselves comfortable in the cold. The city is built on the Yunnan – Guizhou hill top with pleasant weather between June to August. It is the best destination in China where you can beat the heat. The local attractions of Guiyang city include parks; Qianling Park, Huaxi Park, and Guiyang Forest Park. Those parks are the combination of pure nature with animals and several types of plants and trees.

  • Zhangjiajie

Ever seen beautiful sandstone pillars protecting the mystic falls that are flowing under the forests? The thundering in forests that we see in horror movies? Most of the films are made on real locations. But where are these locations? Zhangjiajie is one of the locations in China which makes it an imaginary world where birds are chirping, mystic waterfalls are flowing under the forests and much more is happening to make it surreal to the tourists. The place has scenic beauty and no one can really deny the fact of its beautiful landscapes and rich vegetation. The place is added to the UNESCO World Heritage.

The best time to visit this place is from last days of spring and summers. It is not recommended to go there in cold weather because the area becomes wet and snowy. Unless you are not a professional climber, you should not really take the risk, especially if traveling with family.

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