Top Five USA Summer Destinations

Traveling is fun whether you go alone or with someone. It is one of the most exciting experiences with complete relaxation. If you are living in the United States of America (USA) or planning to visit the country this summer, here are top five USA summer destinations that you should visit.

  • Providence

Providence is one the most populous city of the Rhode Island. The city has come to several developments with time and technology. The city became famous for the trade of rum and different syrups. The place is enjoyed by tourists and people living there. The city is spectacular with his historic sites, great museums, and theaters for entertainment.

Moreover, the city does not disappoint its tourists in any way. There are more developments in the city like a mega-mall, beautiful walking board and for the skaters, even the skating arena is constructed. Also, many hotels and restaurants are opened where the exotic aroma food is served to the guests.

For the wildlife lovers, the Roger Williams Zoo has a good entertainment for eyes in form of energetic monkeys that roam around in the Tropical Rainforest Building. The nights are brighter there in summers. Group of friends also come to enjoy bonfire down on the rivers.

  • Denver

If you are adventurous and fun loving, then Denver is the correct choice for you. All those years you have exhausted yourself with work and you could not manage life and work together. Denver gives you many opportunities to be who you are and what experiences you want to have in life.

For thrill seekers, Denver provides several outdoor sports such as hiking and mountain biking. Yes, the most exciting sports, mountain biking liked by many of us! Moreover, the major attraction of Denver is the summer festival.

  • Boston

Boston is one city where you want to go after all those winters spent inside homes. For the seafood lovers, it is the best spot where they can enjoy delicious oysters at the beach. Not only does it entertain the oyster lovers but in fact, several the athletes can take a walk on Freedom Trail or sail to the Liberty Fleet on Boston Harbour.

  • Chicago

Chicago! The city of lights. It is one of the best city with perfect nightlife and skyscrapers that brings life to the city. It really does not matter if the city has no ocean, but it has lakeshores where people enjoy sunbathing and playing volleyballs. For the love of buildings, this city should be on top of your traveling places list.

  • San Francisco

San Francisco is called the City by the Bay. It is one of the romantic spots that is pleasant in every season. In fact, in June – July, the weather becomes cool and foggy. Therefore, you should be well equipped and take sweaters with you. You never know when the city gets cool.

Getting some summer holidays is everyone’s birthright! To beat the heat, this time pack your bags and visit those lovely places with your loved ones. Enjoy!

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