Top Four World Summer Destinations

In the era of digital technology where at one click you can download your plane ticket, traveling has become more fun. Each year we plan to get the break from work and go in places where no one would even know us so we could be “the real me” in every way. Well, the world is big enough and you can go anywhere with so many traveling opportunities. We have listed top four world summer destinations so at least you can visit one of them in this year.

  • Sri Lanka

If you are a wildlife lover, then Sri Lanka is one of your favorite places. Even the African Safaris don’t have plenty leopards as much you will find in Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park. The leopards are seen in abundance in the National Park of Sri Lanka. Also, it has some interesting blue whales on the southern coast. The leopards and the blue whales are tourist’s attractions in Sri Lanka. It is advisable to plan your trip in the end of January when winters are almost going cool breeze keeps the weather good. Also, you will find less crowd and so photography would be easier for you. Never plan to go in June and July – the monsoon weather will worsen your trip.

  • Finland

Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries where the population is less due to weather conditions. But still many people go there on planned trips. The capital of Finland is Helsinki, it is one of the busiest city. The city is modern with a grand hotel that will be inaugurated in this summer. The building is a landmark of the 19th century and also, it has a relaxing perfect public sauna that will remind you of older days when people would relax in hot tub water. Finland’s attractions don’t end here. In fact, for people who are thrill seekers, for them, the country has mysterious experiences. There is a treehouse hotel with a glass made village that is lit by Northern Lights. The magical experience is going to be fantastic as soon the hunt for “the next Iceland” will begin. The treasure hunt participants would be the professional ice skaters and champion drivers. The best time to visit Finland is June and July for the festivals and sunbathing period. Going in the start of the year, January is not a recommendable month for the snowy landscapes.

  • Rwanda

Rwanda is located in Africa. The place is beautiful for people who want to experience safari life by staring at those animals and not blinking for a split second. If you are thinking that Rwanda is unsafe because of safari life, then you really should not worry about it. Rwanda’s safaris will not harm the tourists. Who wants to miss to go to gorilla trekking? Also, if you are in Kenya, you can make it to Rwanda with a new joint-visa program. Plan your trip to Rwanda from December to February. If you go after that time period, consequences are really bad because of the rainy season and gorilla treks will be slippery.

  • Egypt

Most of us find history a boring topic. But when we hear the word “pyramids” our ears open. No matter how boring the history is but the pyramids part was always interesting. We have studied many stories about the pyramids and that one of the pharaoh’s grave was also dug there. Well, now is the time that you can go to Egypt and witness all those pyramids yourself! For the love of pyramids and deserts too, Egypt is your summer holiday destination for the year 2017. It recommended going in March when the weather is fine to travel. Since it is a desert, don’t plan to go in August because of hot temperature.

So pack your bags, ready your passports and choose the summer holiday destination to go!

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