Green Park Becomes Green Lake in Austria

Summer time is here! It’s the time of year when you are planning your vacations. Are you fond of magical lakes and hiking? How about this time you book your flight to a destination that offers hiking and scuba diving? Never heard of that? Austria has the natural water park for you in the foothills of Hochschwab mountains. In winters, the snowcapped mountains give a mystical look. As soon the spring comes, the snowy mountains turn into a natural pool.

The Green Lake is originally a park with greenery. The mountainous field is located in Tragoss, Austria. The park has benches, trees, footpaths and hiking trails for its exciting visitors. In winters, you can walk, hike or trek in the park. But in summers, the green park becomes the green lake as the drips from the mountain and form a lake.

To visitor’s amazement, the trekking site becomes a pool site for its adventurous tourists. The visitors of the lake can go underwater to explore the lake. It is important that the underwater explorers should have swim fins and a diving mask. For the photographers, the underwater photo shoot is a real treat with the surreal background in the water.

Since the lake is basically a park covered with greenery, the underwater explorers will find a bench, a tree, footpaths and a bridge in the water in the Green Lake. The Green Lake is exciting for the swimmers as they explore much more under the green colored and cold water and gets fascinated to see the whole underlying living world.

Water sports such as diving is manageable as the divers must have his diver ID. The hotels around the shore give access to diving to the diver ID holder only. They are there to provide the rental services of the diving gear.

But lately, the tourism office has announced to close the lake for its aquatic activities as it is polluted by the divers in the water and that the name “green lake” will lose its originality.

The divers are not happy with this decision and they suggested to give permission for diving to keep it a popular tourism destination in Austria for its watersports lovers. The place is a whole package for courageous visitors who would trade hiking gear with scuba diving gear in summer.

If you are planning for scuba diving, May and June would be the preferable months to swim in the lake and look out for bushes and gravelly footpaths in the water. Also, you will find little underwater life that has small fish snails, baby crabs and water insects. You don’t have to worry about them because they are not harmful, like sharks or other sea creatures. There are not many plants in that location because it has a rocky bottom. Other than that, the lake is beautiful and has spectacular view once the diver swims inside.

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