Surprise Your Father with Father’s Day Destinations

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Did you plan to surprise your dad with amazing destinations with wonderful activities? Well, if you have not planned for Father’s Day, then we have a few places that you can book on 18th of June to spend some time alone with your father. This weekend calls out for the best Father’s Day Celebrations.

  • Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Florida Keys, USA

If you have not taken your dad to fishing in a while, now is the time that you go to Playa Largo Resort and Spa in the United States of America (USA). The fresh and salty water of Florida Keys awaits you to enjoy splendid seafood and do fishing just the way you enjoy catching fish and eat it right away with your father.

  • Excursions of Escalante, Utah

Is your dad an adventurous person? If so, then he must be craving for one camping trip with you. Surprise him with tickets to Utah, the best camping destination on earth. On this father’s day, spend some more time with your dad on a road trip that leads to Utah’s amazing valleys and arches. For the brave fathers and children, there are hiking routes. In fact, if your father is a daredevil, then take him through the Utah’s canyons. The government has allowed the tour groups of Excursions of Escalante to lead the adventure in those narrow canyons. It’s a lifetime experience with your dad, especially.

  • Tryall Club, Jamaica

Golf is the sport that is mostly liked by old men. Who is not a golf lover after all? It is just that in most places, fathers, grandfathers, and uncles have been playing golf. So if your dad loves golf then Tryall Club in Jamaica would be a great gift to him. He will love to play golf there. No, that golf course is not an ordinary one. It is designed by Ralph Plummer with 18 holes, 6, 8836 – yard, par 71 golf course. Though, it has been renovated halfway in 2016 on the back nine holes. The front nine holes would be finished by this October. But if you don’t think that it would interest your dad, then you can always do water sports, play tennis and basketball on the beaches.

  • Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile

It’s been a tiring journey for your father in your upbringing. Now that he is old and wants to be old “me” now. He might want to make new friends or just take a break from all those years he has been earning for you. For some time, he does not want to be a role model for children. Let your dad socialize more than ever now and if he is always up for daring sports, then this year buy him a ticket to Explora Rapa Nui in Easter Island, Chile. The rocky Explora Rapa Nui offers a week expeditions that with food and accommodation provided by the escort groups. It’s a great place with statues and their ruins, caused by the natural environment.

Hurry up! There is no time left. Get tickets for your dad and gift him with a card saying “Happy Father’s Day”.

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