Door to Hell – Turkmenistan

Ever wondered if hell is on Earth? You must have experienced heaven on Earth in several cool and calm places. In the same way, there is a hell on Earth. A hot flame burning somewhere on Earth. There is a natural gas field in Turkmenistan called as Darvaza gas crater “Door to Hell”.

Since the borehole was threatening the nature in the form of creating poisonous gas, it was burned by the Turkmen geologist. It has been said that the Soviet expedition happened there in search of gas and so the fire aroused.

In fact, the Soviet Era is blamed for the eruption while searching for gas in that place. But the Turkmenistan does not have the Soviet expedition in its records. Since then, the place is burning like hell. It has been around forty to fifty years that the place is burning. In the first place, the geologists set in on fire so that the methane gas could not spread.

The size of the crater is no smaller than a football field. It is not naturally created or a cause of volcanic eruption. Also, the Door to Hell has become a famous tourist spot. It is located in the middle of the Karakum Desert where one of the largest gas reserves is found. The place is nicknamed for its fire and boiling mud with orange flames.

A Canadian explorer has gone into this place to know more about it. His successful return has amazed the masses. The expedition was semi-funded by the National Geographic. The main purpose of the expedition was to gather the underneath soil samples and experiment if life can really exist in such dangerous environment.

According to the Canadian explorer, the existence of that place is incomparable to any other place on Earth. He has also mentioned that the methane burning has taken over a lot from the ground with high pressure.

It’s a wonderful experience for the travelers who want to explore unusual places and want to know more about nature. Especially, for the visitors who are interested in geology. Also, friends can camp near the location with the natural bonfire and sing-along good songs.

The exploration does not ever end. It goes on and on and nature fascinates its explorers.

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