Sport Fishing Capital – Islamorada

Are you planning a family vacation? A perfect family vacation is incomplete without having fun at beach or fishing. If you are lucky enough to reside in the United States of America (USA) then, you are more than welcome to the “Village of Islands”, Islamorada in Florida. The exact location of Islamorada is in between the deserted saline of Everglades National Park and oceans of the Florida Strait. The meaning of Islamorada is “purple isles”. It connects six islands altogether. The village is popular for its aquatic sport, fishing. In fact, the saltwater fly fishing was founded here.

At Islamorada, the whole family can enjoy boating and fishing with the guidelines given by the instructors. It is an amazing experience to see marine life. Probably, the children would be fascinated by looking at the sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, and fish. They can witness the injured sea creatures like a blind crocodile, a few sea turtles with missing fins that were injured while entangling with the monofilament fishing line. Of course, you can feed some of them and also dive in with dolphins.

Moreover, the village is the best dining place for the seafood lovers. The seafood is presented fresh. What more can you ask for a family vacation with adventures and fresh food? The art lovers can look around to see Morada Way Art and Cultural District.

Islamorada has several types of fish that any other place would really have. To your amazement, you can catch sailfish, permit, redfish, tarpon and bonefish just in the shallow water. Many fishing competitions are held each year, targeting those species. The tournaments compete on the rule of catch-and-release. But then you don’t have to worry about food because there are plenty other fish in the sea that can be caught by you and serve yourself with a fresh dinner.

Though the village is populous for fishing, but there are other activities too that you can enjoy with family. Activities like jet skis, parasailing, and spectacular sunset cruises will make your vacation fun. Not only the adventurous tourists come but you can always come to Islamorada to relax on the beach or sip cool drinks by the pool.

The Chamber of Commerce has listed four beaches in Islamorada. A groovy beach with exquisite swimming area is called as Plantation Yacht Harbor. The place has live band performances and a small bar where you can have some snacks and drinks along with the songs. For snorkeling, there is a natural cove Islamorada County Park. Sometimes, it becomes dangerous for children because the beach has strong currents. Another beach is called Anne’s Beach with a superb boardwalk for athletes and people who want to enjoy walking with their loved ones. The last and famous beach is Sandbar. As the name suggests, the sandbar is all over the ocean. You can only get there through boating.

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