The Nature Miracle – Blue Nile Falls

Half of the year has just ended with winter. The other half of the year is welcomed by the summer break. Excited for summer holidays? Being a nature lover, most of us want to stay near the water as much we can. To beat the heat, we would go to beaches for swimming. Some of us just love standing under the waterfall. The coolness on the body comes just right away in the waterfall. There are many beautiful waterfalls made in different parts of the world.

One of the mystic waterfalls is on the Blue Nile River, Ethiopia. In English, it is called Blue Nile Falls, whereas, in the local language of Ethiopia it means “great smoke”. The great waterfalls of Ethiopia are one of the famous tourist spots. Usually, the waterfall is around 45 meters high. But during the flood season, it raises up to 400 meters. The mystic smoke waterfall creates vibrant rainbow colors across the valley and the green rainforest. To the tourist’s fascination, the monkeys and other inhabitant birds come in that area who also enjoy the ecosystem of the waterfall.

The waterfall is near a village stop called Tis-Isat. The local people earn their bread and butter while selling the charms of the place in the name of tour guide. The travelers meet different tour guides who would be more than happy to lead you to the nearby historic sites.

Though, it is a bumpy and tiring route but has amazing breathtaking views on the trek. While going out of the village, the tourists see beautiful landscapes of fertile fields and then an old bridge comes that is still used by the travelers. The spectacular view of green mountains also makes you the witness of the magical falls that is the rolling thunder waterfall of foaming water.

And if you are planning for some nights to stay, it would be great as the hotels are not too far from the waterfalls. Also, on the day you plan to visit the waterfalls, you should wear easy clothes because of the uneven trek. There are beautiful plants around the waterfalls that appeal to the visitors of the waterfall. With the flora essence, the Blue Nile Falls have a different wildlife that can only be found in Ethiopia.

Recently, the hydroelectric station is constructed to divert the water flow to create electricity. Therefore, the water flow must have decreased in the Blue Nile Falls. However, it is suitable to go there on weekends and other holidays as the hydroelectric station works on weekdays only.

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