Pichavaram – The Second Largest Mangrove Forest

Every day we want to travel a new place. It is one of the healthiest activities that most of us really want to do all the time. Traveling and exploration go hand in hand. People want to explore the nature as much they can. Talking about nature, not everyone is lucky enough to see the starry night, an adventurous marine life or mangrove forests. The mangrove forests are really interesting.

Pichavaram is the second largest mangrove forest that is 230km away from Chennai, South India. It lies between two main bays, Vellar and Colernoon. The joint estuarine Vellar-Colernoon forms Pichavaram mangroves and Killai – the remote area. The backwoods are joined by the Vellar and Coleroon that gives the chance of row boating, cruising, and other water sports activities. The interesting part of the gorgeous mangroves is that they are deeply rooted in the water. It has several other trees that are covered in water which makes the place with various islands. The area is given the space separately from the sea by the sea shore.

The main attraction of Pichavaram has sporadic species like Avicennia and Rhizophora. One can take a close look at birds such egrets, storks, herons, spoonbills, and pelicans. Altogether there are 177 kinds of birds in Pichavaram. As a bird lover, you should visit the place from September to April? The economy is supported by shell and finfishes that are mainly produced in Pichavaram.

The adventure spot is present there for tourists in Tamil Nadu. No matter if you are traveling with the group of friends or honeymoon couple or a family tour, this is the best place for adventures like aquatic sports and enjoy wildlife.

The place provides such peace and calmness where you will hear paddle swishing, sea roars and sounds of birds only.

A person who wants to see the actual rural life, for him the road to Pichavaram is interesting. It has colorfully painted village houses that are designed in the conventional huts with low roofs. The village life is fascinating where the women are selling fish on the roadside.

The place offers two types of boating; row boating and motor boating. It is operated by the Tamil Nadu Tourism department. The exquisite boating experience takes you through mangrove forest from dawn till sunset. The deeper you go in canals, the more adventure comes in. Therefore, if you plan to go through narrow canals, make sure you choose row boating because motor boats are too big to go through the narrow canals.

The whole trip around the forest will take at least two hours by motor boat or four hours if rowing the boat. The row boat is the best option since motor boat’s voice becomes irritating and it might cause a headache. Really if you don’t want to ruin your trip to the mangrove forest then go for row boating.

This summer plan your water sports at Pichavaram.

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