Canal D’Amour – The Channel of Love

Greece is an interesting country with its medieval time. The place is known for its historical battles. It is a place where the actual live theater was introduced in which gladiators were killed for real. With so many battles, Greece is also a country where you can find serenity in its tranquilizing seas.

Greece has the Ionian Sea. In that sea, an island Corfu is situated. The Corfu Island is categorized as the second biggest islands in the list of Ionian Islands. The village has scenic beauty with rich forests full of greenery. The beauty of Sidari can be seen in its narrow streets full of life; restaurants, bars, superstores, hotels and souvenir shops. The place is so noisy at times and people party there all night.

There is a canal flowing in Corfu’s village, Sidari, known as Canal D’Amour. The beauty of canal can be justified from its rocky cliffs, colors of rocks and deep blue sea. The village looks surreal with the canal having green and yellow rocks that were created naturally when the rocks crumbled after being steady for a while. There are steps made to reach the magnificent bays at the canal.

For its sparkling waters, Canal D’Amour is one of the famous tourist spots in Greece. For couples, it is a romantic spot with its breathtaking views and serenity of the place. It is believed that if a couple swims in the canal, they are married soon. Therefore, the canal is also called the Channel of Love.

If swimming is not your thing, then you can always enjoy taking photographs of beautiful landscapes with golden sandstones and heavenly looking blue sea. Sunbathing is another activity that can be done there for relaxation. In some areas of canals, the water adapts turquoise color as the natural environment changes.

There are thousands of tourists who come to the Channel of Love in summers. Since the place is crowded, it is recommended that you should be there by early morning and grab the best spot to enjoy with your loved. A car ride would make it easier for you to reach the beach. Swimming through Canal D’Amour is a lifetime experience with your loved one. This summer, make most of it by giving yourself a chance to travel with your spouse, friends, and families too.

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