Cape Sounion – The Temple of Sea God

The old Greek religion was interesting. Greeks thought that everything in nature is controlled by several gods. They thought that the hills have a god, the sea has another god and so on. The ancient Greek gods still remain in different parts of Greece in temples. One of the known Greek temples is called Cape Sounion. The temple belongs to Poseidon – the god of the sea.

The remnants of Poseidon are rested on the cliff that is protected by three sides of the sea.
Cape Sounion is popular amongst the tourists of Athens for it splendid sunset view on the Aegean Sea.

According to the Greek Mythology, it is believed that the King of Athens jumped from the sea cliff when he saw the black sail on his son’s ship. He thought his son has died while slaying the beast, Minotaur, but that was not the truth. Since that incident, the sea is called the Aegean Sea. The temple, Cape Sounion used to be a place where sailors and other cities would come and sacrifice the animals to please Poseidon.

The trip is really interesting for people who love history and enchanted by Greek mythologies. With the breathtaking view of the temple, the tourists can swim in the beach of the temple’s foothill. There is more than one beach in that place. It is a good treat for adventurous people and seafood lovers as you can swim through the beaches, adore the sunset while having a drink and eat fresh seafood at the local restaurants.

Where are you going to stay? Is that your question? No worries for that! For tourism purposes, there is a hotel with the view of the temple and it is situated in a calm location. Not only the hotel is present, in fact, one can enjoy massage services at Elixir Spa and do some sunbathing near the saltwater pool in the Aegean Sea.

The temple of sea god is an hour away from Athens. The Cape Sounion is the perfect place for families who would enjoy cruising on private islands and bays. There is a trekking path through Sounio National Park that is on top of the hotel slopes. Greece holds a warm weather. However, the months from May – October is the best time to visit Greece and enjoy pleasing evenings with the cool breeze.

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