Positano – The Beautiful Village of Italy

Italy is one of the dream destination for honeymoon travelers. For its simplicity, village life and beautiful scenery of Venice makes Italy an interesting city of Rome. Amongst all the scenic villages, Positano is situated in Amalfi Coast, Campania. The romantic site is located in the hilly area, down to the coast. The fascinating fact about the village is that it was constructed perpendicularly on the mountain’s face.

Originally, the village was known for its fishing activity. After some time, it gained fame when writers and artists grew up there. The village looks surreal and having no writer or artist would be a loss, of course. In fact, some films were shot in Positano including; Only You (1994), Under the Tuscan Sun (2003), a musical film’s song Nine (2009) and Kath and Kimderella (2012). Moreover, there were several songs that were shot by the music artists of the times.

It would come to your surprise, famous director, and producer, Franco Zeffirelli had a villa there. He would invite several stage actors and later on the cottage was turned into the theater and then a five-star boutique hotel. Many other artists came along the place and each one spent their best times in Positano.

The small village has exclusive hotels and restaurants with good fashion trends. We cannot underestimate their choice in fashion, just because it’s a village. However, there are several fashion shops for sandals, jewelry, perfumes and handmade shoes. You can do a good shopping for your loved ones back at home who are waiting for you to return with their gifts. But before you go out for shopping, you can relax by little sunbathing at the beach or swim in the clean beach.

You know where can you get a good lemon drink? Of course, that’s in Positano. There are several lemon trees on the Amalfi coast. The famous lemon drink is called Limoncello, a lemon drink with some alcohol added to it. It would be a wonderful beach holiday with Limoncello and seafood next to you while you are getting sunbath at the beach. Moreover, at some point, you might want to thank the blissful nature. There is a church called Santa Maria Assunta. It has beautiful ceramic tiles that can be viewed from several points at the beach.

To take a look at Positano, walking is preferable. There are bus services too, but if you are a traveler and you want to explore everything on your own, walking steps would be great. The whole countryside and villages can be seen from the pedestrian zone. One must go there with the better half or even friends and family. The village has gained fame across the world recently for its beaches and seafood.

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