Peter Island – British Virgin Islands

If you are looking for pure British summer holidays at the islands, then Peter Island in British Virgin Islands is your favorable destination. The island has several activities to offer its tourists. The place lets you ride a bicycle and hiking trails to show you around the nature of it. The beaches appear at the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

There are other beaches too that are used by the guests of the resorts only; Honeymoon and White bay, the romantic locations for the newly wed couples. The biggest beach on the island is called Deadman’s bay. The interesting name of the bay is named after a story of pirates who were stranded on the Dead Chest island and then they drowned while swimming to Peter Island. Their bodies came up on the shore and since then that beach is called Deadman’s bay. The captivating nature of the bay is the shelter provided by the palm trees. The bay is decorated with the restaurant and bar that is open for day boaters.

What has Peter Island for you? For people who like water sports, for them, snorkeling and scuba diving is offered at Dead Chest Island. The snorkeling experience would be interesting and only brave people would go there as they might find some remains of the dead pirates! The Dead Chest is an isolated National Park where you can dive in three photogenic sites; Coral Gardens, appropriate for the beginners, Dead Chest West and Painted Walls.

If you are done with snorkeling, then you can always rent a private boat, be the captain of the ship and explore the adventures of an island with your loved ones, family, and friends. There are several yachts that provide pure luxury with privacy. While boating, you will come across interesting caves at Norman Island. But if you are not an experienced captain, then it is recommended to take a boatman with you who will just sit quietly at the back and in case you need his help, he will be there.

For the honeymoon couples, the Honeymoon Beach is right there next to Little Deadman’s Beach. The beach’s location is marked with palapa tree and two lounge chairs (see last picture). Originally, the beach was just made for two people or a couple you can say. It is one of the dreamy spots on the island where no one would come or know you. You are able to enjoy the sunset and calm waves coming at the shore.

The White Bay beach is believed to be an inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. The beach is a complete family spot where you can have a small hut for the family and do some picnic too. The beauty of the beach is added by the sea turtles who hop on the seashore.

Once you are done with the adventurous trip, no matter how much you must have enjoyed, but tired at the end. Before going back to the boring routine at work, how about you get a massage treatment there. The owners at Peter Island offer all the basic utilities that your mind and body need for relaxation.

Excited for your next trip? Definitely, you are going here if you are married or have the family but all the single people can also go with a group of friends.

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