Medellín – City of Flowers in Colombia

Colombia! When you hear this word, do you feel unsafe around yourself? Of course, you must be feeling that way. After all, Colombia was never a safe place. Some years ago, it was one of the countries bearing too many crime records. With time there have been several laws and rules are made to decrease the crimes there. Medellín is the second largest city of Colombia. Roughly, the city is located in South America and the capital of Antioquia department.

It is interesting to know that being an unsafe place, the weather in Medellín is pleasant. In the city of flowers, people are seeing bloodshed. That is such an irony where nature is beautiful but laws are not well-maintained. All year the flowers bloom in the city. Therefore, the city is nicknamed as the City of Eternal Spring. the city gives you so much like flowers, libraries, museums and parks.

Looking at all the negativity of the city, there is a beautiful photo of the same place. Another picture of Medellin strikes when it is viewed from the mountains that border the capital of Antioquia.

Since its new developments like shopping malls, the city has become friendly for its visitors and Wall Street Journal’s City categorized as a creative city. Many artists lived their lives here.
Though the city is built in a narrow valley, but the skyscrapers are awesome with their pointed heights in every place.

It is a busy city where trade in textile and flowers happen to be a common and most successful business. The weekends’ hustling is a scene in the discos where people would come to enjoy drink and dance all night with friends. The city surrounded by the mountains in the green valley is no more a village but it has ornamented itself with the cosmopolitan of other places.

The city was once known for its traveling services in cable cars. There used to be a map for skyline that ranged from the Aburra Valley in the Andes and would let tourists see colonial buildings and colorful homes.

Moreover, the city has improved its transport services. There is a metro system for the visitors to travel easily and it is a cheap transport in monetary terms. The city would be liked by people who are interested in knowing about different types of flowers and can take some flowers back to their home for decoration and grow a few in their gardens.

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