Oman – An Exotic Honeymoon Destination

Are you looking for an original honeymoon destination that won’t break the bank but will still provide the most romantic of beginnings to married life? If so, you really won’t go far wrong with Oman, something of a forgotten country in the Middle East.

While destinations such as Dubai, Turkey and Egypt are most tourists’ desired locations when you think of the Middle East, Oman offers gorgeous backdrops, a most romantic setting and fantastic resorts. Taking a trip into the unknown with this thriving holiday destination will be sure to leave you yearning for more when it is time to come home.

Oman Culture

As a Muslim country, Oman culture is not too dissimilar to what you might expect in other countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, although this is only really present in rural areas which we highly recommend taking the time to visit. When you stay at the country’s resorts, culture more closely resembles what you would associate with the western world.

The beginning of Islam in Oman can be dated as far back as the seventh century when the first Mosque, Masjid Mazin bin Ghadouba, was built in Samail and remains standing to this day. Not the liveliest tourist location by any means, there is no better place to visit in order to appreciate the country’s rich history.

As Islam is the country’s national religion, the majority of Omanis will honour key dates in the Muslim calendar by fasting during the month of Ramadan, observing Eid and by making donations for Qurbani. It is good for tourists to show respect for these traditions while visiting the country.

Muscat – Oman’s Capital

The capital of Oman is Muscat, which can be found on the northern coastline. Muscat is the country’s largest city with a population of 800,000, far bigger than the next biggest city of Seeb, with a population of just under 250,000.

Muscat is Oman’s main tourist destination, compromising of stunning beaches, a plethora of resorts equipped with honeymoon suites to die for and extravagance that all newlyweds will appreciate. Adventurous couples can head into the desert for a spot of 4×4 drifting, from where they can also head into the safari. These trips are complete with your own private guide, who will escort you through the unforgiving Hajar Mountains.

The city centre offers a wide range of shops, including a mall and various food courts and market stands, delivering an authentic experience of Middle Eastern culture. With plenty of entertainment also on offer in the middle of Muscat, the city centre is an excellent place to spend the day before retiring back to the resort where you can be pampered by the hotel staff.

Loved Up in the East

Oman is home to a wide range of honeymoon resorts, offering loved up newlyweds fantastic accommodation to celebrate the new and exciting chapter of their life. With 2000 miles of coastline, there will be plenty of space to find the ideal spot on the beach to top up your tan and go for a dip in the Arabian Sea.

The country is fast turning into one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations, owing to its reputation of a hidden gem up until recently and how cheap it can be to stay in Oman.

With popularity growing, it won’t be long until Oman is mentioned in the same breath as other Middle Eastern destinations that man up the bucket lists of those with a severe case of wanderlust.

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