Namib Desert – The Most Fascinating Desert in South Africa

Nature has kept a balance in itself. If there is greenery, there are mountains. In the same way, the oceans are balanced with the deserts. Oceans, that have water whereas, deserts where one can only make sand houses. Hardly there is a drop of water for its travelers. As the oceans have the cooler climate, the deserts are hot in the daytime but cooler night falls. With this interesting nature of climate change, Namib is one of the deserts in South Africa. The name of the desert originally came from the word “Nama” which means “vast place“. The desert is stretched miles away.

Most of us think that desert has no life and it is also deserted and barren, but only the travelers of a desert would know the real charm of a desert. There are several flora and faunas that are inhibited in the desert and for those creatures, Namib Desert is their home and living. They are the brave survivor of fog that comes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Often we hear that deserts are boring due to hot climate, but Namib desert has fascinations include; wildlife, sand dunes, orange dunes and much more. While you explore the desert, there are charming seaside resorts with exotic food quality and aquatic activities for the adventurous people. Just like we do skiing in the cool place, the Namib desert has the famous sport called dune boarding.

For the wildlife lovers, the city of Walvis Bay has impressive bird watching speculation. However, if you don’t find wildlife interesting then you don’t need to be sad about it. The desert has sports for exciting people such as; rock climbing, sky diving, sandboarding and much more. For rock climbing, the climbers have to have their own equipment because there is no one to guide them or can they hire anyone. It is advised to read some literature on climbing before you try.

Besides, everything in Namib there are some fun facts which make the Namib Desert interesting. As per the wildlife, the desert’s inhabitants are freely moving like cheetahs and rhinos. The desert has a coast called “Skeleton Coast“, named after the bones of seals and whales thrown by the whaling industry. Also, the coast has ship wreck which was broken at rocks during the fog occurred at that time.

Place where namib desert meets ocean

The desert is loved by many tourists because they get nature experiencing activities around them. It is a perfect family holiday spot where children cannot stop staring at the wildlife, adults enjoy skydiving and rock climbing. Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity of traveling to this fascinated desert in South Africa.

satellite image of namib desert

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