Thor’s Well – Magnificent Wonder of America

Ever saw a gigantic hole in a place? You will be surprised to see Thor’s Well, a salt water fountain. Thor’s Well is one of the wild sites in Oregon. It is a huge wide sinkhole that has naturally come out of a rock which lets the water flow in during high tides in winter storms.

The magnificent sinkhole is located at Oregon Coast, near Cape Perpetua. Thor’s Well is considered to be one of the natural wonders in America. For the thrill seekers, it is one of the breathtaking sites, but of course, people who are not brave enough should avoid the site.

The tide in winters become high and fiercely touches the rocks and goes down the drainpipe, Thor’s Well. It is risky to there in the winter, but the adventurous photographers and thrill lovers enjoy the violent waters that are known for their stormy personality. It can swallow you if you remain too close to the sinkhole.

The nature lovers will simply praise the moment they see tides coming and dwelling into the sinkhole. The sight of water flowing in huge amount in the drain is an astonishing view of nature. Though it is not as dangerous as the Pacific Ocean, the visitors need to remain at a distance for their own safety.

Recently, three incidents happened there in May. People were hurt and got cuts on their body when the sneaker wave hit them on the volcanic rock. It was their luck that the hole did not take them with it. Basically, the ocean is dangerous than the Thor’s Well. The site is unique for its circular shape and stormy behavior that fascinates its tourists and the photographers.

Also, there is something that attracts the people on sunny afternoons. The daredevils are gathered around the place, they try to look in the hole out of curiosity and thrilled photographers manage to come with their tripods situated on a spot to record the drainpipe’s mystical mechanism. Though there are more places around the Thor’s Well, the well has taken many people’s attention.

The well seems majestically great during the high tide, but the sinkhole is a big deceiver. Even, the people nearing the drainpipe cannot predict the storm and might drag themselves with the water which is dangerous. But if you want to remain cautious and see how the sinkhole works, then you need to stay on the platform nearby.

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