Mano del Desierto – The Hand of the Desert

Sculptures were created long ago. In the older times, it was one of the enjoyable things to do in arts. Several sculptures are made in different places. In the heat waves of Atacama Desert, Chile, a giant hand called Mano del Desierto, “the hand of the desert”, that is trying to reach for the help.

The city of Antofagasta in Chile is a town known for copper mining. It is an isolated place. The copper mining industry asked the Chilean sculptor to create something as a memorial for the emptiness of the Atacama Desert. So, he created a giant hand which is coming out of the earth below and looking for someone to help him in the remote area. The giant hand is made on the iron frame.

In 1992, the Chilean sculptor, Mario Irarrazabal showed his sand work to the world. Mainly, the Chilean artist’s work is known for creating a portrayal of human’s sufferings and vulnerabilities to life. When the architects look at the art, they develop the concept of human’s weaknesses in life.

It is an interesting art piece created by an artist in a long time, especially when the hand is planted in a barren place. It gives the impression of helplessness and isolation. The hand donates the feeling of desolation for its isolated location. But the sculptor was not that lonely as his art shows. In fact, this giant hand sculpture was funded by an organization called Corporacion Pro Antofagasta.

Though the desert is really hot of course, the photographers and artists would always love to go there and can feel about human’s life in a secluded place. To reach the giant hand sculpture there is a rocky road that would be loved by the adventure seekers. The road is not that interesting as it has small hills and sand everywhere. Going to a barren place, seeing a hand in the desert and no one else is there except for you is a thrilling experience.

Other than the giant hand, the place has Observatory called Cerro Paranal, South America’s largest telescopes. That place was used as the hotel in the James Bond film “Quantum of Solace“. Since it is a remote area, so several criminal activities happen with the tourists.

It is one of the wonders of the world. It is such an emotional art piece that no one can really ignore that piece. It is a time that we should think about ourselves, our existence and how helpless a human is when he is alone. So pack your bags and go there either alone or with friends. That is totally your choice that if you want a company or travel alone.

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