Top Three Interesting Places like Heaven

Travelling is one of the greatest hobbies that many people have nowadays. It has opened gates for exploration and exposure for the tourists. For a healthy mind, one needs to take a break from work and go on vacation. If travelling was not allowed for the peace of mind, it would have been difficult to enjoy your life. So let’s see top three interesting places like heaven:

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA

The amazing fact about the Grand Prismatic Spring is that it has seven colors of waters, just like you see the rainbow color spectrum. The rainbow colors appear due to the infected padding is done on the edges of the mineral water. The color goes from green to red, depending upon the temperature gradient and the amount of chlorophyll to carotenoids. In summers, the mat colors range from orange to red and winters have dark green color. Since the water is hot and exposed to heat, it is sterilized in the center. The blue color of water appears when the blue light is dispersed by the particles in the water. It is one of the largest hot springs in the United States of America (USA) and located in Yellowstone National Park. On a worldly rank of hot springs, it is on number three.

Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

Hiking is a hard exercise. Yet, it is adventurous and well-rewarded once you reach the peak. Yes, some trails have amazing sights with natural water or a spectacular view of nature. One of the rewarding mountains is Mount Rinjani. This active volcano is situated on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. After climbing the tiring trail of the mountain, the hikers come to see the breathtaking view of a lake which is also known as Segara Anak or Anak Laut which means, “Child of the Sea“. For some entities like Hindu and Sasak, it is considered to be a sacred place and so religious activities take place, occasionally.

Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, Laos

Ever witnessed a three tier mystic waterfall? If not, then you must look at the Kuang Si Falls. It is one of the best waterfalls that is liked by the tourists. A lot of adventurous people and swimmers cannot resist diving in the blue and clean water in Luang Prabang, Laos. The splendorous waterfall is a treat for the hikers who can reach there via trail. After hiking for some time, the view of the downstream waterfall in the turquoise pool gives a serene and calm look, just like being in the paradise. Since that the waterfall is well maintained, paying a little money for that wonderful view should not be a problem for the visitors. Also, some of the pools invite swimmers to dive in.

Let’s not waste more time. Grab your passport and book your seat to those interesting destinations.

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