Cheap Places to Travel Every Month

Every year we plan to take vacations and go to a place to relax. Most of us dream of traveling around the world all year. Some of us even get our dream job as a traveler in some companies that pay you for traveling around and in return ask for your services like photography or writing on travel sites. But then there are people who cannot afford to make a trip every month because countries are expensive of course. It is wise that you should visit places that are cheap in that month. Here is a list of 12 great places that you can visit every month:

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the expensive states of the America. It is a busy and populous place with awesome nightlife. It is interesting for the filmmakers when they find the Universal Hollywood Studio and other film and theater premieres. The place is cheap in January that almost drops 33 percent off on the hotels. That would be the cheapest rate for the whole year.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong – the show-stopping skyline. A wonderful place reflecting Chinese and Buddha culture. It is an excellent place for the foodies who love food and want to try a different cuisine. February is the best month to travel to Hong Kong for shopping especially. Yes, you can buy clothes, shoes and enjoy more shopping at each item. The shoppers can be benefitted by the interesting sale offers.

Buenos Aires

The perfect time to visit Buenos Aires is in March when it is not really hot neither too cold. The seamless weather lets you flaunt on your feet wherever you want to go. That is one place in Argentina that does not sleep. The place remains alive and beautiful throughout the day and night. The accommodation in four-star hotels in Buenos Aires is as low as $55 per night. That amount is nothing when you have so much fun to do there.


Chicago, known as the city of lights and skyline. It is an amazing place with perfect music, dining, architecture, and shopping areas. April is the month when spring arrives in the America. Chicago should be top on your travel priority list. The best thing about visiting Chicago in April is that the prices get as low as half of the price during peak season. Isn’t that a great idea to look at the skyscrapers in the springtime?


London has beautiful scenic views for the visitors. Through the London Eye, you can see the whole city from above. One can never expect London to have cheap tickets in the whole year. But if you go to London after bank holidays in May, then you can have accommodation at a little cheaper price than usual.


Beijing is one of the interesting places in the world. The historic Great Wall of China is visited by many tourists in China. Another beautiful historic place for tourist’s attraction is a Forbidden City, a palace of Ming dynasty and ended at the Qing dynasty. The weather is pleasant in June. There are low prices in June but there are no domestic holidays in that month.


The best month to visit Sydney, Australia is in July when the weather is changing from extreme hot summer to mild. The hotel prices fall to 44 percent as compared to the peak season. But don’t think that you cannot enjoy in the winter of July. The place is pleasant at that time.


The scenic capital of Europe, Berlin should be visited in August. Though the hotels of Berlin have several offers all year, August is a pleasant time to book your spacious accommodation in the Hotel Zoo.


The historical country Italy’s capital Rome should be visited in September. The hustle bustle is not present in August as people take off from work. Therefore, September is the month when there are more local travelers and you get to see the Roman style cuisines and values. The four-star hotel prices drop down to as low as $131 per night.

Cape Town

For the adventurous travelers, who want to experience nature, Cape Town is the best place to visit. The location should be visited in October, considered a perfect time for whale-watching. The hotel rooms can be booked not more than $80 per night.

Rio de Janeiro

Sunbathing is one of the relaxing activities people do on vacation. If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro, there is no way that you can ignore Copacabana Beach. The best month to visit Rio in November when the temperature is perfect for the human body. The place gets expensive at the end of December.

Las Vegas

If you are a social animal and you want to party all night, then Las Vegas is your destination in December. The nightlife of Las Vegas is interesting with casinos, bars, and party everywhere. People win from the tables and go for expensive shopping. Everything is available at lowest rates such as the accommodation around $84 at an average.

Now plan your year according to these places to visit. It will be fun as you will travel around twelve places in a year. Let’s not waste any more time in saving money for an expensive destination.

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