The Floating Rehma Mosque – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Islamic Architecture has always been a sign of magnificence, elegance, decency and beauty. One of the fine and relatively modern example of such an art is The Floating Rehma Mosque located at the coast of Red Sea along the Cornish road in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Floating Mosque is a fine piece of architecture that attracts many tourists.

Floating Mosque Jeddah

The mosque is registered as Rehma Mosque officially and is named so after an influential merchant family of Saudi Arabia. The name Floating Mosque is attributed due to its structure and built. The Rehma Mosque is also mistakenly related to Hazrat Fatima (A.S) and some call it as Fatima tuz Zehra Mosque. The people of some nations are known to perform some religious rituals over there.

Floating Rehma Mosque of Jeddah

The exterior of this astonishing mosque is completely white. The main building of the Rehma Mosque is supported by a number of pillars. The entrance of the Rehma Mosque is embellished with impressive white architecture and huge alleys while the interior of the prayer room is adorned with white in combination of golden.

Floating Rehma Mosque

The Rehma Mosque seems to float in water in the days of high tides. The Rehma Mosque is a unique mosque where other than offering prayer you can roam around and enjoy the scenic views of Red Sea. The views of sunset and sun rise are spectacular from the terrace of the magnificent Rehma Mosque.

Rehma Mosque Jeddah

The Google Rating for the Rehma Mosque is 4.4 stars. Most of the people find the visit to the Floating Mosque exhilarating and stupendous. The environment, the coast and the architecture is all amazing and magical. If you are in Jeddah the Floating Rehma Mosque can definitely be included in your must see list.

The Floating Mosque

The Floating Rehma Mosque Jeddah

The Floating Rehma Mosque

The Rehma Mosque Jeddah

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