Gangkhar Puensum – The Unclimbed Mountain

Hiking is the very first step to go for mountain climbing. Basically, hiking is taking long walks to the top, whereas, climbing a mountain is the actual thing to do. Not everyone can climb up the mountain. Only the daredevils can make it happen. The mountaineers are not created overnight. They are specially trained to climb the mountains and they are well equipped.

For most of the people, mountain climbing is an adventurous sport. It is an achievement for someone who dreamt of climbing the highest mountain in the world. Mt. Everest is thought of the highest mountain which is not easy to climb. That is not the complete truth. moreover, Gangkhar Puensum is competing Mt. Everest.

The mountain, Gangkhar Puensum is the supreme mountain in Bhutan. No one has climbed it yet. It is not that people have not tried climbing the mountain. The professional mountain climbers tried to reach the top but they were unsuccessful.

Several expeditions were made during the 80s and then at last one of the Japanese group was successful to climb the lower peak from Tibet. The mountain’s second name is “Three Mountain Siblings“. It borders Tibet, China, and Bhutan.

The reason of un-climbing the mountain is solely not that it is a challenging peak, in fact, the mountain has not been clearly located on the map. In 1994, the government of Bhutan closed its way to the mountain because they believed the mountain is dominated by the spirits and ghosts. Hence, people are unsuccessful in reaching its peak.

Despite the fact that no one could ever climb the mountain, there is a dispute about the mountain. Bhutan completely acclaims it as their property, whereas, China is fighting for its share of the mountain that comes in the north China.

The mysterious mountain, Gangkhar Puensum is yet to be explored. The forbidden mountain seems to have ghost appearances and magnetic forces that do not let anyone climb. It seems that the gigantic peak will remain virgin forever if it keeps away the humankind from climbing on to it!

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