The Shahara Bridge – Yemen

The Shahara – A village located at the top the peaks of the magnificent Jabal Shahara. Shahara was once a stronghold for the Imams. This stimulated city could sustain itself for months on end in cases of isolation. Travelers come to Shahara is to watch the well-known Bridge of Sighs. This bridge was constructed in 17th century to connect towns at the tops of mountains in the state of Yemen. Shahara Bridge built to fight against Turkish invaders. Many say that the local people can eliminate the bridge in few minutes in case of any imminent danger. It’s a scary bridge and a popular tourist attraction. The local residents still cross it often as a part of their daily routine. The manufacturing genius of this bridge spans a sheer 300 foot deep canyon. It can be reached by climbing the many stepped slopes or, selecting the path of least resistance, by accompanying a local guide with you.

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